Little Bandit - Breakfast Alone

Breakfast Alone

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Side One
Bed of Bad Luck · Pitiful Heart · Nashville · Money · Platform Shoes · Comfort Inn

Side Two
Diana · Scattered and Smothered · Drinkin' at the Bar · Get Me Out of It · Sinking

Little Bandit Is

Alex Caress - lead vocals and keys · Kevin Black - bass and vocals · Luke Schneider - pedal steel · Eric Whitman - guitar and vocals · Ben Eyestone - drums

Little Bandit bandleader Alex Caress has a timeless Roy Orbison/George Jones croon and a taste for note-perfect Countrypolitan arrangements.

— Rolling Stone

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  • Deftly written and smartly played, Breakfast Alone is a balancing act: melodrama uplifted by pure melody, and humor met with honky-tonk chops.

    — Rolling Stone

    Top 10 Country Artists You Need to Know: March 2017

  • On their debut album, Little Bandit show that in country music, dry sarcasm and irony can go hand in hand with old-fashioned heartbreak.

    — American Songwriter

    Breakfast Alone Review

  • Little Bandit is a group devoted to the songs of Alex Caress, who's making classic country music with a sassy and subtly political twist. ... It's highly evocative and slightly hilarious.

    — NPR, World Cafe

    World Cafe Nashville: Little Bandit

  • Sinking


    Directed by Stacie Huckeba

  • Bed of Bad Luck

    "Bed of Bad Luck"

    Directed by Ryan Kendrick

  • Platform Shoes

    "Platform Shoes"

    Directed by Ryan Kendrick

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